Dry Lips Cure

Do you have dry, cracked and peeling lips? It’s uncomfortable and unsightly. I have been here too – you’re not alone! There are so many factors which affect the health of your lips. As well, there is a lot you can do at home to increase the look of your lips. Read on for my dry lips cure! Its winter time after all, and those of us struggling through the snow, slush and sub zero temps are looking for ways to maintain our outer beauty and inner health one step at a time.

This post is going to feature some cause and effect problem solving, some at home DIY recipes and some of my favorite products that I can’t wait to tell you about!

Ok, here we go!

Dry Lips Cure.

Before I give you your cure, you need to understand the causes behind your dry lips. I have put together a little list below which will outline the cause and then the treatment you should seek.

  1. Dehydration – if you don’t drink your recommended 6-8 glasses of water a day you are surely dehydrated! If you feel thirsty right now, it is already too late! You need to drink your water ASAP. Dryness in the lips can be attributed to dehydration – the delicate skin is dried and flaking because your outer most layer of the skin on your lips hasn’t got enough internal moisture to keep from peeling. Solution: Drink your water!
  2. Sun exposure – If you have been on a sunny vacation or visited a tanning bed recently, you may have been exposed to too much UV radiation. Your lips are very sensitive and even if you used an spf, you likely forgot to apply it on your lips. Solution: You should avoid direct UV exposure unprotected. Tanning beds are directly linked to skin cancer and if you are unprotected from the strong concentrated rays you are increasing your chances of developing this condition. Solution: apply some aloe and avoid the rays. Take a vitamin D supplement to keep your levels up.
  3. Wind burn – If you are battling the winter temperatures in some frosty part of the world, like I am right now, you might have what I like to call winter lips. These are dry cracked lips from being exposed to the harshness of the cold weather. Solution: wear a scarf around your face and apply a moisturizing lip balm. You can even make your own DIY balm which will be free from chemicals and ultra soothing.
  4. Are you a licker? If you lick your lips out of habit, you should stop it right now! Your lips are only getting more dry from the acid in your saliva. Your tongue isn’t medicating your kisser, it’s only making it more sore. I have seen some kids with red rings around their mouth due to obsessive licking. You need to break the habit by purchasing a medicated lip balm which is specifically formulated to prevent licking (ie: tastes bad). Otherwise, you can visit your physician for a prescription for a similar product if you have a drug plan.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the causes and what you can do to heal your lips I wanted to give you some of my favorite at home DIY recipes to take your healing to the next level.

DIY your way to beautiful lips.

I have given you the recipe for my sugar scrub previously and I still recommend it as a safe and natural scrub for your lips. Just don’t scrub your lips raw and be sure never to exfoliate if your skin is hurting. The scrub is useful if you have dry scaly skin on your lips which is not painful but is not being healed back to the base layer by other methods.

I also want to tell you about the toothbrush. It’s a handy little tool used to clean your teeth…. oh okay you already knew that. But did you know you can also use your toothbrush to exfoliate those luscious lips? Just rinse it well after use in warm water and gently scrub your lips until they feel smooth. I use a mint tooth paste and I find that the hint of minty freshness that is left on the bristles is very invigorating to my lips. I feel refreshed and awake when I add this to my morning routine!

Next, a simple recipe for an at home lip balm.

Heat the oil and wax until liquified (it is important not to just try to melt the wax alone, it will cool rather quickly and make a mess. The coconut oil is a carrier and a barrier in this case). Add your other ingredients to the liquid and then transfer while hot to a safe container. Seal and refrigerate overnight.

Finally, I am sharing my lip mask mixture. I apply this most often at night time when I am battling with really dry lips that I can’t seem to heal.

  • Teaspoon of quality Vitamin E lotion (vitamin E should be the only ingredient on the label)
  • 2 drops of extra virgin olive oil; grapeseed oil or Almond oil (your goal is not to make the lotion loose – just fortify it). If you think you should use less oil, use your judgment depending on the size of the drops.

Mix well, and apply generously to your lips and surrounding skin. I suggest using this overnight. If you toss and turn a lot use it while you are in your house reading a book or watching the television since the intention is to apply a generous amount.

Kiss dry lips goodbye!

You don’t have to deal with dry lips any longer! I have given you the dry lips cure and now you have the tools to eliminate your

problem. Just figure out why you are experiencing dry lips and follow my simple outline in this article for relief.

If you’re like me, you are obsessed with pretty lip colors. It is hard to wear lip colour when you are shedding nasty looking dry skin on your lips. The color won’t adhere or lay properly on your pout drawing more attention to your issue. I want to share with you my next secret.

After you exfoliate and before you head out the door reach for Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin infused balm. It comes in a variety of pretty shades and it packs a punch where moisture is concerned. Right now I am sporting color 4 (Taffy).

X’s and O’s

Now that you know what to do, you are on your way to sort out your cakey lips. Just in time for your next hot date or company gala.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions about the DIY’s I have listed here. I welcome your comments and questions below. Do something nice for a friend today and share this article with them.

Stay pretty,

xo Ash.





Best way to get rid of facial hair for women

Let’s get one thing straight before we begin: Everyone has hair all over their body – it’s a fact. Some if it is very fine and light and other areas are darker, more dense and more obvious.

As a woman, it can be difficult to deal with unsightly facial hair especially on the upper lip, side burns, jaw line and cheeks. All women have a bit of facial hair but typically it is very undetectable since it is usually skin colored and light in texture.

If you struggle with more dense noticeable facial hair, keep on reading. This one is for you.

Best way to get rid of facial hair for women

You can wax and sugar your facial hair away you can even get a little tool that will sand the hair right off your skin but what if you are tired of the irritation and the expensive appointments? Well, I have the solution for you. I present to you, Inhibitif. It is a serum you can use twice daily on any area of your face to reduce the amount of hair that grows back in. It also hydrates the skin, prevents ingrown hairs and will give you lasting results in just 2 weeks!

So, are you ready to cancel that waxing appointment and save your skin and your pain threshold?

If you’re skeptical, let me give you the waxing facts:

  • It rips your skin apart causing redness, inflammation and sensitivity.
  • In many cases, it is unsanitary. Lots of salons double-dip their waxing spatulas and some don’t even have disposable tools! Ewwww!
  • You need to wait for visible growth in order to wax. It won’t be effective until you start to actually see that hair growing back in.
  • You need to pay someone to wax you each time and hope for the best! (I know, I’ve been there…).
  • Let’s face it, waxing sucks! It really really sucks. OUCH!

Why do I have facial hair and my friends don’t?

Hormones are the number one leading cause of hirsutism in females. There might not be anything you can do about your hormones (see your doctor) but you can get rid of the unsightly results.

Sometimes medications and antibiotics in our foods can cause more noticeable hair growth on your face. Additionally, some threading, waxing, and depilatory creams you are using can cause more coarse hair to grow where you don’t want it.

There are some other things you can do in the meantime if you don’t feel ready to be maintenance-free.

It really works.

I have been using Inhibitif on my face for 2 years and I have had great results. I no longer see my little french lady who waxed me like clockwork, but I also have fewer appointments to keep, fewer fees to pay and I have my dignity. I don’t need to feel ashamed or embarrassed to go into a strange place to get even my most private parts waxed. There’s a serumfor that! Truly, this amazing product line has a serum specifically designed for the needs of the skin and hair for each different zone of your body.

It’s not just for women either! Men – you can use this to get rid of the hair you shave from your arms, legs and even your special parts too!

While you are waiting for your serum to get to work for you over those first 2 weeks, I suggest using a delicate trimmer or razor to eliminate the sight of the hair. Be careful though! And if you don’t have a steady hand, find an esthetician that can help you out!

Are there any side effects to using Inhibitif?

No. There are no adverse side effects reported with the use of this product line. It is made with high quality ingredients, it is cruelty-free, alcohol-free, silicone-free, nut-free, oil-free and vegan. So it only contains ingredients required to give you hydrated hair-free skin.

Get your confidence back.

It isn’t a secret anymore –  men and women alike do what they can to get rid of their extra fuzz (if they want to). You have the tools at your finger tips to get your confidence and your beautiful skin back at home and at a much lesser cost by investing in one of the great at-home methods described today.

I recommend Inhibitif as the number one permanent hair loss regimen for all skin types. It will give you the most bang for your buck and ultimately, will leave you feeling like your best self. Stock up on Inhibitif so you can start keeping the hair growth at bay. 

I hope you found this information helpful and maybe even life-changing. Stop putting yourself through the pains of other hair removal treatments. We have so much more to offer ourselves than out-dated waxing techniques. 

Feel free to share this with a friend and comment below or share your questions with me. 

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your hair growth anymore. Join me and hundreds of thousands of people who are using these state-of-the art products to make our lives easier and our skin prettier.

Serum on, 

xo Ash. 

Why do I sweat when I sleep?

For many of us, when we awake drenched in sweat we wonder what the heck happened to us at night! Did you have a terrifying dream? Are you in your change of life stage? If you are a heavy sweater at night you might wake up several times to try to get comfortable.

Sweating heavily at nighttime has some negative impacts on your skin and other aspects of your overall health.

We many not be able to change how much we perspire in the night since the causes can be different for everyone but we can alter our sleep routine in order to get the most out of our zzz’s.

Why do I sweat when I sleep?

First of all, you sweat all the time. Sometimes it is more evident though. If you find yourself under stress, pressure or doing some physical activity you will likely notice that you produce more sweat. But what about those of us who sweat more than we’d like to at night?

A few things to consider:

  • Is your bedroom too warm?
  • Do you change your style of bedding with the seasons?
  • Are your pajamas too warm?
  • Do you sleep with a partner or with a pet on your bed?
  • What is the temperature of you home, overall?
  • Do you have a preexisting hormonal or medical condition that could raise your temperature?
  • Do you notice a higher body temperature throughout the daytime?

After doing a little self-diagnosis via the above list, you might have the answers you need to your question: why do I sweat when I sleep?
If you are still searching for answers, you should book an appointment with your physician to see what is happening on the inside to cause profuse sweating.

Keep in mind: we all sweat all the time. But if you think you are sweating too much at night then you need to get some medical advice.


What are the negative effects of profuse nighttime sweating?

Aside from obvious discomfort, there are a couple of issues that heavy night-sweaters will face. If you or a loved one has this problem please take note of the following:

  • Your pores will clog overnight with more dirt, oil and grease from your sheets, pillow case and hair.
  • You will dehydrate at a faster rate. Although your skin might be damp when you wake up, you will ultimately be dry after you bathe because you have depleted your water stores.
  • You may stain your sheets and pajamas if you wake up in pools.
  • Your self-esteem can be damaged by excessive sweating. You may shy away from sleeping over with friends.

What can I do?

Make sure you grab a portable fan for your bedroom. Being well ventilated can improve the quality of your sleep if you think you might be too warm.

Switch to Satin. You should use a satin pillow case – it protects your hair, skin and prevents buildup of skin cells. Aside from the luxurious feel, you should be in satin because of it’s amazing ability to keep your skin smooth through the night. Have you ever noticed creases and lines on your face from sleeping? Well, if you make the switch to satinyou can kiss this good-bye! One more amazing thing about satin: it will not contribute to aging your skin. It is so gentle and soft that you won’t be aged prematurely by harsh fabrics creating micro wrinkles each night which turn into BIGGER wrinkles.

Grab yourself a pair of satin sheets and pj’s too since it’s not only your face that matters!

You don’t have to suffer!

You’re not alone and you don’t have to deal with excessive sweating at night. It isn’t good for your skin to sweat too much for so many hours at a time. Get to a doctor if you think you are a heavy-sweater just to make sure you don’t have a health condition that needs attention.

Try my tricks to keep you cool at night and your skin looking refreshed. Let me know how you like my suggestions!
Stay cool,

xo Ash


How to treat dry facial skin

So you have some dry facial skin but it’s unsightly and not to mention, it’s starting to hurt! You’ve tried to moisturize and even exfoliate but nothing is doing the trick.

You’re about ready to call in sick because you need to thaw out in a warm sauna somewhere… or maybe go sit on a beach. If the sauna or beach are impossible right now and you can’t use a sick day on your skin then I have the solution for your problem winter skin.

Take a steam.

I mentioned a sauna at the beginning of this aid article. I realize that for many (including myself) time at the spa isn’t in the cards right now. We are all trying to be more cost-effective in our daily lives and shelling out money to sit in some humid room with strangers doesn’t exactly sound like a great use of my time or money.

So what can you do if your face won’t make it to the sauna?

You have to bring the sauna to your face!

The at-home fix.

What would you say if I told you that you can experience all the health benefits of the sauna right at home? Well, I have a pretty amazing little piece of equipment that I have been keeping in my artillery for about 3 years now. It’s a facial steamer and it has completely saved my skin from the harsh Canadian winters I endure.

If you find yourself a high-quality facial steamer and commit to using its relaxing benefits at least 3 times a week, you can be sure to clear up your dry skin issues in no time!

How it works.

A good facial steamer like the one I recommend, which you can find for a great price on Amazon, will have some specific features like:

  • 2 optional facial positions to keep your face safely in position close enough to feel the heat but far enough away to avoid a burn. Some steamers only have one attachment or have none at all and are more like humidifiers… no thanks.
  • optional heat settings so you can control your comfort.
  • large water reservoir so that you aren’t stopping your facial to fill up.

I should mention that the model I use is also the one I have found for you at Amazon and it meets all these criteria.

The facial steamer opens your pores, re-hydrates the skin through all its outer layers and seals moisture into your most sensitive areas. You can even add some gentle and calming oils to enhance the experience.

Start off by gradually increasing the temperature and flow of the steam until you feel you’ve reached your maximum. The goal is not to reach a high temperature as much as it is to feel relief. You’ll know when you hit the sweet spot. Then let your skin soak in the moisture for about 3 minutes and then gradually decrease back down to a cool mist. This cool mist at the end will seal off your pores and prepare your face to return to room temperature.

The facial steamer also works well to relieve congestion and sinus pain which can lead to inflammation in your face.

Treat yourself to an at-home spa.

All you need to enjoy an at-home steam facial is a high-quality steamer, about 7 minutes and some fresh water. I know you will love the supple feeling your skin will have after just 2 serious spa sessions at home. Take care of your skin and make sure it’s well hydrated by grabbing your own facial device.

Let me know how it works out for you.

Stay warm and stay beautiful.

xo Ash





How to remove dark circles under eyes naturally

If you have landed here, chances are you are carrying some extra passengers below your eyes. Maybe you’ve tried some at home remedies and even attempted some high coverage concealer only to be dissatisfied with the look of the skin under your eyes.

The skin under your eyes reflects how old you look and ultimately, can draw attention away from your sparkling eyes and beautiful smile. Not to mention, unhealthy looking skin below your eyes can really mess with your self-confidence.

I know how you feel. I have created this post just after the holidays since most of us usually feel like we need a vacation after our holiday break. The world is low on sleep right now with it being new year’s day, therefore I think this topic is coming at the perfect time for us – we all want to look our best for what 2018 has in store!

Eyes are the window to the soul

Since ancient times, even the Egyptians knew that the eyes were incredibly important to our communication. Body language is something we are all fluent in – without even being formally taught. When you meet someone for the first time, they will pass certain judgments on you based on many things and one of them is your appearance.

You have gone to the work of grooming your lashes, brows and even putting some drops in your eyes to achieve the most you can out of your latest look. But, what you haven’t considered is that your heavy-duty concealer isn’t cutting it where your dark circles and under eye bags are concerned.

Do you ever notice that people with heavy under eye bags are assumed to be unhealthy, tired, poorly nourished or lacking self-care? Many of us pass these judgments without noticing it at all.

Your eyes do a lot of communicating for you but if you suffer with unsightly under eyes, your eyes aren’t even getting a chance to go to work. Studies have shown that individuals with under eye baggage look older than those with healthy skin below their peepers.

It’s okay I’ve been there too

I have had my own brush with dark circles under my eyes, wrinkles and even bags. I’ve tried lots of supplements and products and I know what works for me. I want to share with you what has worked from my own personal trials and experiences, for year’s.

At the ripe age of 22, I had been working several jobs, graduating from school, taking more online classes and juggling what I would call, a stressful life. There is only so much that can be done in a day and I was feeling that reality as I tried to push the limits of my own abilities.

I was low on energy, low on sleep and I wasn’t eating right.

Finally one day I was with my older sister and I was mistaken for her as we were side-by-side. After making the correction, the girl who confused me for my elder sister explained that I just looked more mature.

More mature.

Mature skin was not my idea of a compliment then and it still isn’t now. There is extreme value in preserving youth and beauty and I will gladly do everything I can to preserve mine.

Now that we agree on the issue, I want to do everything I can to help you remove dark circles, bags and lines from under your eyes. In order to do that, we need to understand how the skin under our eyes is different from the rest of our skin.

Under eye skin is thin and very delicate. It protects tiny blood vessels, capillaries and veins responsible for the health of our eyes and sinuses. Harsh products filled with chemicals can irritate the thin skin and cause this skin to become more delicate.

You should take care to only use natural products and solutions on and near your eyes for the sake of your sight.

There are a few things that can be causing your tired looking eyes such as: lack of sleep, poor nutrition, smoking, stress, tanning beds, squinting/eye strain, dehydration, poor circulation and even sinus infections. If you can rule out the sinus problems then I can help you with the rest.

How to remove dark circles under eyes naturally?

Get an extra hour of sleep if you can or fit in a power nap if you’re on the go. Your rest is important and your body will start showing you what it needs if you keep neglecting it. Eat a balanced diet and drink your fluids. Be sure to eat a low sodium diet and flush your toxins out with regular sips of water. High sodium levels can increase inflammation in your body – if you are experiencing bags and dark circles this is the place to begin. Quit smoking and limit your caffeine intake. Don’t expose yourself to the sun without SPF.

If you’re like me, you will try all those things and see some resolution but your problem might be a little too ingrained to be fixed by lifestyle changes alone. If this is the case, I highly recommend trying a product I have had extreme success with: Simply Eye Serum by Healing Natural Oils. The ingredients as it suggests, are all natural and gentle enough for your under eye skin. The product has a luxurious feel and smells fantastic.

In order to remove dark circles, puffiness and lines from your under eyes naturally you might need the power-punch this little bottle of natural goodness can provide to you. I began using it and haven’t given up on it since I started seeing results in under a week.

In order to get the most out of this product, I recommend using a single drop for both under eyes twice a day until you see your desired results. Be careful not to get it in your eye – although it is safe and natural it is not meant for your eye balls!

Once you have achieved your look, you can go into a maintenance regime which would consist of a single drop once daily or every other day as you see fit.

We all want to be our best.

Be confident, be beautiful and help your body look its best. Don’t let premature aging take hold of your youthful glow. As we enter a new year I urge you to make some simple lifestyle choices that will benefit your skin for a long time to come. If you want to know more about Simply Eye Serum, recommended for safe and natural under eye treatment, go to https://www.amoils.com/dark-ci… where you will find information about this product which has saved my youth!

Happy New Year 2018

xo Ash!

Coconut Oil Baking Soda Face Wash

Home made products are a great way to control what you’re putting on your skin. There are so many dangerous chemicals in common skin products – some of them can really do a lot of damage especially if you have a preexisting skin condition or very sensitive skin.

Don’t be fooled though – just because you’re making your own skincare products doesn’t mean they are any better than those harsh chemicals. If you don’t understand what to put together in your proprietary blends you could be doing your skin a disservice.

As the title of this article suggests I would like to speak to you about a popular DIY cleanser I have seen circling the internet: the coconut oil baking soda face wash.

Is baking soda safe for your skin?

There are a lot of sources that suggest baking soda is a great addition to your skincare routine. There are the claims that it will balance out the pH level of your skin, that it exfoliates your dead skin cells away, that it brightens your complexion and that it will get rid of your recurring skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and more.

Some of these claims may be true but its important to remember that there is no one size fits all solution to skin issues. When I first began searching for solutions to my own skin troubles, my 50 year old aunt suggested that I begin using baking soda to cleanse my skin. She said it is what cured her acne when she was a younger girl.

So, I attempted to mix up my own concoction of baking soda to purge my skin of its impurities. I used this solution daily for a week when I then realized it was making my skin dry, more red and it was irritating the most delicate areas of my skin causing even my moisturizers to burn.

Even when mixed with a very nourishing oil or base cream, baking soda is not an optimal solution for a skin scrub, in my opinion.

Some other things to consider are: you may not know what the pH of your skin should be. Your skin issues might not really be the result of a pH issue. You also may suffer from a condition which is made worse by exfoliating with harsh products. My point about baking soda is this: if you have used it and had good results, then you are brave and lucky. You should be aware of the risks associated with using baking soda as a skin solution.

If you attempt to make a self-diagnosis, please speak to a health care professional before taking to domestic science where your health is concerned.

Is coconut oil safe for my skin?

Yes. Coconut oil has been controversial in the beauty pages but let me dispel any myths otherwise: Yes, coconut oil is great for your skin, hair, nails even for your cooking.

Out of the entire namesake of this article, the coconut oil is the only part of the recipe which is safe and highly recommended for use. You should look to purchase a high-quality organic coconut oil. Read the ingredients label and ensure that the only ingredient listed is coconut.

Is it possible to make DIY products that are good for me?

The short answer: absolutely. You should know though, that your product is only as good as what you put into it and you will be best served to keep your ingredients list short in order to improve the quality of what you’re putting on your skin.

For instance, as mentioned above, you need to use organic oils and never processed products and fillers. The ingredients you will need to purchase might be more expensive than you thought, Prepare properly to invest in your skin if you are making your own products at home.

Be good to your skin.

Ultimately, whether you choose to make your own products or purchase skincare products be choosy about what you are using. Avoid strong scents and harsh abrasive chemicals like baking soda which might set your skin off balance and might cause additional dryness or irritation.

In my coming posts, I will provide you with some of my favorite DIY recipes and my most recommended products you can find at local retailers.

Until next time,

xo Ash





Does sugar affect your skin?

Temptation is all around us in this fast-paced fast-food world. It feels good to indulge now and then in some satisfying sugary treats like candy, ice cream, and baked goods. But what about those treats high in sugar that don’t fall into the candy category? Things like white bread, chips, crackers, deep-fried foods and even pizza are high on the glycemic index and therefore, contain a lot of sugar.

Does sugar affect your skin?

We’re constantly told to avoid sugar – or at least reduce it in our diets because of the risks to our health – but what risks does sugar pose to our skin, specifically?

Sugar spikes you insulin levels and creates an internal explosion of inflammation. This sugar-induced inflammation latches onto the particles which keep your skin supple, elastic and youthful (collagen and elastin). Without healthy collagen and elastin particles, the following will occur:

  • Sagging
  • Wrinkles
  • Age Spots
  • increased redness and irritation
  • Increased flareups of other inflammatory skin conditions (eczema, rosacea etc).
  • Increased dryness
  • Increased facial hair (hirsutism)

The more sugar you intake the more likely you are to develop insulin resistance. This can lead to more serious health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and even in the most drastic cases, can lead to heart disease.

Sugar is everywhere.

Its true, sugar is everywhere in nearly everything we eat. There is sugar in natural foods such as fruits and then there is sugar in bread, pasta, fruit juices, and even in condiments such as salad dressing.

It’s important to be able to differentiate between the two types of sugars.

Natural sugar is called fructose and it is most often found in our fruits along with other necessary vitamins and nutrients which fill a lot of gaps in our healthy diets and prevent sickness and disease. This natural sugar is essential to the health of our bodies.

Refined or processed sugar is a combination of glucose and fructose which creates sucrose. This is the proper name for that white or brown sugar you put in you morning coffee and into you favorite dishes to add sweetness. It’s also pumped into every processed food adding flavor and extracting nutrients. This refined sugar is dangerous to our health since it provides no nutritional value to our bodies but actually reduces the nutritional content of the foods we eat.

How to change you diet to benefit your skin

You should try to avoid eating foods with refined sugars since the damage they cause is very hard to reverse. Although it would be very difficult to cut them out of you diet completely, some people are able to dedicate to an organic and sugar-free diet.
Otherwise, moderation is key. You should stay hydrated and remember to avoid adding sugar to you beverages and meals. Reduce the number of processed and packaged foods you consume.

Increase you intake of wholesome natural foods such as complex carbohydrates (long grain rice and sweet potatoes), fruits and vegetables.

Does sugar have any benefits to your skin?

After hearing all the dangers sugar poses to you skin, you might be wondering if there are any benefits aside from taste, for sugar at all. The answer is, yes. You can create a safe sugar scrub for external use on rough skin such as elbows, heels, hands and more.

How to make a sugar scrub:

Combine about a table spoon of brown sugar with 3/4 of a table spoon of you favorite warmed oil (almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, or a gently scented sunflower oil), and gently massage into you rough skin. Once you’ve exfoliated, wrap you skin in steamed towels for 10 minutes and then rinse in a warm bath.

Shaking the addiction

It can be really tough to give up refined sugars. They are literally everywhere. Just remember the dangers to you health and you skin long-term by consuming too much man-made sugar.

By eating healthier and keeping you diet clean, you can also keep you skin looking youthful and clear without any products or treatments.

Do yourself a favor, and get off the sugar bandwagon.

Stay beautiful,

xo Ash.





Why do your cheeks turn red when you drink?

Have those festive drinks got you looking like jolly old St. Nick himself? Have you taken to the internet to see what the heck is happening to you? You’re in the right spot! Why do your cheeks turn red when you drink? Read on to find out!

The issue: Your cheeks turn red when you drink alcohol

You might have been out with a group of friends and someone called you a flush – maybe they thought you’ve had too much to drink already or that you can’t handle your share of alcohol.

You run to the restroom to see what the fuss was about only to find that your cheeks are as bright as two apples.

You’ve only had one drink. You don’t feel much of a buzz. What the heck is going on?

What does it mean when your cheeks flush after drinking alcohol?

If you haven’t been diagnosed with a flushing skin condition, don’t have a fever and you aren’t embarrassed then let me tell you what’s happening to you when your cheeks flush.

That first drink enters your system and due to how your own body behaves, you do not have the ability to properly metabolize your alcoholic drinks the same way some others do. As the alcohol passes through your system, the flushed look you are sporting will fade. But you should know that if you consume back-to-back drinks this look will stay with you.

Quite literally, your capillaries in your face are dilating and turning red because of what is happening in your metabolic system. Your blood pressure may also be slightly raised which is the other reason for the rosy cheeks. It’s important to note here, that if you feel your blood pressure runs high or you are at risk for a heart condition, you shouldn’t drink until you speak to your physician.
Overall, if all you experience are some reddened and warm cheeks after a couple drinks, you shouldn’t be concerned. It does not mean you are unhealthy – there is nothing unusual about this issue.
I also want to assure you, that like I said, unless you already know of a skin or other medical condition you have which causes redness, this is not an actual skin problem it is a metabolic issue.

If this isn’t a skin problem then what can I do?

You don’t need any creams, lotions or tonics to fix this issue. You just need to remember not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach and to continue snacking while you drink.

Keeping food in your system means your metabolic process will have some help in firing up. You might be able to stave off or reduce the redness in your face by avoiding drinks on an empty stomach and it will do you and your metabolism a favor by keeping that small intestine busy.

You should avoid the myth that says if you binge drink you will build up a tolerance and cure yourself. This is false. In fact, you should be aware of how much alcohol you intake and try not to over do it.

You’re not alone

I think it’s important to remember that you aren’t the only person afflicted by the rosy cheeks after a drink or two. With the emphasis in our current world on health and fitness, remember that for your health it’s okay to limit your drinks. You don’t need to feel pressured to handle your “drink flush” by binging or overindulging – especially if you feel pressured by peers.

Everyone is unique and each of us should take better care in this coming year of our health – mind and body.

The way forward

Now you know, your cheeks get hot and rosy after your first drink because your system simply doesn’t metabolize the alcohol the way it should. In return, your blood pressure can raise.

This isn’t to say that you aren’t healthy or that you’re abnormal. Just remember to eat regularly and keep hydrated.

Do you have experience with alcohol flush? Drop me a line below in the comment section.

Be your confident self,

xoxo Ash




Common Questions: Why is my skin so itchy?

Here, in this Common Questions post, I will address a skin concern that all of us have faced at some point – itchy skin!


The itch you can’t stop scratching



You’re laying in bed tossing and turning because your left leg is itchy and you can’t stop thinking about the urge to scratch. You have resisted 30 minutes… but no longer.

Your dreaded alarm goes off and it’s time to get ready for your day.

As you put on your favorite pair of jeans you notice the harsh fabric is really burning your leg. You instantly know what has happened. You’ve itched that scratchy spot on your leg raw!

OK so maybe it isn’t your leg that itches – but that doesn’t matter. The fact is, so many of us have gone through this same scenario in a variety of different ways. As a younger girl, my parents would tell me, “Just stop scratching that spot!” Easier said than done, for sure.


Ashley, just cut it out! Right Now!


I remember being about 13 and working part-time at an outdoor lawn and garden store in the summer while I was off from school. Every day I would come home and scratch my skin until it was red all over. Especially my arms and legs. My parents would get so frustrated with me. They thought it might have been my way of coping with stress or nerves or maybe my way of getting attention. Finally, I saw the doctor and I was diagnosed with seasonal outdoor allergies. I used an anti-itch cream and had to get an indoor summer job.

But the itching didn’t stop there. As a university student at the age of 18, I was walking several blocks to get to class in the winter months (something I had not done before). This time, my legs were the only part of my body which was uncontrollably itchy. I would get inside one of my lecture halls and resist the urge to itch as the class progressed. After doing some cause and effect analysis on my own, I realized that my skin wasn’t accustomed to being protected only by the single layer of my pants in the frigid outdoor temperatures. Any time I had been outside for extended periods of time in the winder previously, was to muck around with family and friends – I had most likely worn snow pants. Now, I was too cool. I decided to moisturize with heavy-duty creams and avoid showers that were too hot. I started shaving my legs every other day and used a vitamin E enriched shave gel.

My point being, you aren’t alone in feeling the need to scratch that itch! But remember, incessant itching can lead to scarring, bruising and even an infection.


So why is my skin so itchy?


In order to find out why you are itching, you might have to take inventory of some recent changes to your routine and your overall lifestyle.

Consider the weather – if you’re like me, the dry winter weather might affect your skin harshly.

When was your last glass of water? You need to hydrate your skin or else you can’t expect it to feel healthy. 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, please!

Are you on any new medications? Oh, so that last trip to see the doctor resulted in a change to one of your prescriptions? That could make a huge difference! Check with your pharmacist to see what the possible side effects are.

Did you change the kind of laundry detergent, body soap, shampoo or conditioner you are using? Even new and unwashed clothing can result in skin irritations. You might be allergic to something in your environment – you just have to take some time and narrow it down.

Did you recently try a brand new food? Or, do you eat an unusually large amount of the same food? Again, I am thinking allergies here.


What the heck am I supposed to, Ash? My skin is so itchy!


Once you narrow down the possible causes of your itchy skin, you can begin to heal it.

Reduce your exposure to your irritants. Do what you can to minimize the damage to your skin by applying quality moisturizers, using a moisture-rich cleanser, wearing cotton-blend clothing when possible, eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water and keeping a skin diary if necessary.

If the issue carries on even after your own investigations, you should see a doctor and request an allergy test. You might be eating a food or coming into contact with something that is too common to notice by eliminating things on your own.

A trip to the doctor is a good idea if you find the insatiable itching persists past 2 days. Itchy skin happens, but it can be dangerous to your health – bacteria under your fingernails can cause an infection within your system.


Relief from your itchy skin.


Remember, I have been through itchy skin, myself. I know how annoying, embarrassing and painful it can be. It can sometimes feel better to scratch – until you’ve gone too far. Be good to yourself and give your body the opportunity to tell you what you need to be doing differently.

If you put the effort into determining the cause you can also find a solution and get relief. Share your itchy skin stories with me in the comment section below.

Reach out with your skin topics that you’d like me to cover in future posts.

Remember – you are a beautiful person.

xoxo Ash

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All About Ash

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I decided to take on the challenge of building that toolkit I searched for and began to test products through various stages of my skin’s cycle of sensitivity. Take it from a girl who knows what it is to struggle with skin – you’re beautiful no matter what!



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